“Ijeoma’s Sessions Saved My Marriage”

Sam Adeyinka

“Ijeoma Popoola is one of the finest minds in the world of marriage and relationship counselling.

I mean I can still remember how she helped me resolve my relationship issues with my amazing girlfriend.

Suddenly my girlfriend started acting up – she suddenly stopped returning my texts, and literally stopped answering my calls.

But all thanks to Mama IJ, I was able to get to the root of the matter, and got to find out that she was mad at me based on some wrongs I had melted out at her, and that I wasn’t totally aware of

Well, we are good now, all thanks to booking a session with Mrs Ijeoma Popoola.

Thanks Mama IJ… You are the best!”


“I met Mrs Ijeoma Popoola on 24th May 2019 at a seminar. She was invited to give a talk on marriage.

After which I contacted her. My counseling session with her was awesome.

What I particularly loved about her session was The transformation I experienced both in my personal life and romantic relationship.

She really helped improve my relationship, cos I met her when I was really devastated and needed help.

I would recommended Mrs Ijeoma Popoola to friends and I see her as my counselor. I find comfort confiding in her”

Our clients love our service and attention to safety and detail.

Why not request a call session now and let us work with you on resolving your marriage or relationships issues.


Mrs Ishola Dumoye

I came across Ijeoma Popoola on IG, where I read her post on marriage and family relationships.
I send her a direct message and she replied.
Ma’am… I really appreciate your outstanding efforts towards making my marriage work
I must say all that you counselled  was really helpful.
The letter of appreciation that Ijeoma Popoola said I should write and give to my husband was very helpful because that was what he liked the most. He was so glad that I appreciated him. 😊
Ma… I really appreciate your efforts towards making my marriage work.
My counselling sessions with you was an awesome one. You took your time to listen to all that I had to say.
What was outstanding to me about you is your patience. How you would listen to me and never got tired of listening.
I must say your counsel has really helped in fixing my marriage.
I will surely refer friends who are having relationship issues to you ma’am.
I have already made you my relationship Counsellor ma.


I met Mrs Ijeoma on Facebook and I approached her.
It was great and a good time meeting her.
She is naturally gifted in communication strategy for romantic relationships
Ijeoma Popoola has helped me in gaining clarity on how best to communicate with my partner.
I would gladly recommend her to others as she is proven beyond doubt that she knows what she is doing.
In fact, I have invited her as a guest speaker during one of my online seminar with my women’s group
Ijeoma Popoola is my personal counselor, and I salute God’s grace over your life ma!

Mrs K.K

I met Ijeoma on Instagram and sent her a message. I booked a session and paid.
She was particularly helpful, patient, and always willing to listen to me.
What stood out to me with her sessions were her willingness to assist and put herself in my shoes.
Ijeoma Popoola made me understand that I deserve the best and those words helped me a lot.
I had to focus on myself first in order to know what I really want.
Through God and Ijeoma, my marriage was restored back . I certainly will recommend her any day to anyone having relationship issues. She is a kind hearted person!

Mrs Ifeoma Madu

That morning I had just found out that my husband was cheating and I was devastated. Then I went online and found this marriage counselor, I called her number and she listened to me without interruption.
After I had narrated my ordeal, she apologized for my husband and I burst out crying. I wept a lot that morning and she allowed me release my pain.
She allowed me to release all my pain and I indeed felt better after that phone session.
She taught me what to do and it felt like I know her before. I have become a better version of myself since that day.
What stood out to me particularly was her patience and understanding. And how she helped sooth my pain.
Since then till now, I’ve recommended Ijeoma Popoola to friends. I think she is an angel and this “Angelic quality” makes you feel at home with her.

Ms Jemima

I saw Ijeoma Popoola’s post on Facebook. In that post she asked that we send her s direct message and talk to her about a particular marriage issue.
But I called her line instead. I told her that I was suspecting that my husband was cheating.
She listened to me and asked some questions. Then I asked her what I should do? I was confused, afraid and angry.
But Ijeoma Popoola calmed me down and she told me how exactly to confront my husband.
I did all that she asked me to do, and it surprised me that my husband was touched by my actions and vulnerability. We were able to sought our marriage problem.
What stood out to me was the way she accommodated me even when she did not know me. Till date, I have not met her in person and she was very nice with her conversation.
I don’t have any reservations concerning her job and the way she carried them out. I think she is an expert in what she does. God bless her.
Thank you.

Mrs Akindele

I have known Mrs Ijeoma Popoola for more than 12 years now. I met her during my NYSC service in Abuja.
I got to know she is a Marriage counselor via her Facebook page where I read a lot of beautiful write ups by her.
Well I have been married for close to 18 years and all I do is to struggle to help the marriage to work, until 2019 when the thought came to me that I needed a marriage counselor and the only person that crossed my mind was Ijeoma, knowing how wonderful she was to me during my service year.
I chatted her up and she actually gave me some simple task to carry out after which I have been experiencing heaven on earth in my relationship with my husband and my home. She has been a source of inspiration to me in my spiritual life, too.
I will love to recommend IJ Popoola to all my friends and family, because your marriage can make you or mar you.
I do pray that the Almighty God  bless her home also.

Mrs Daniel

I got to know Ijeoma Popoola through Instagram when I had a critical issue in my relationship.
I booked for a couple’s session. The session was a long one, because I was there with my fiancé now my husband… I must say it was a convincing session but ended up nice.
She wasn’t taking sides, she was neutral and not judgmental
Yes , I contacted her when my relationship was at a dead end , we only had a session with her. Unbelievable, but she made sure the reasons that we sought her was successful
Yes, I will work with her over and over again
And Yes, of course, I will refer friends to Ijeoma Popoola.
She is my counselor, because ever since I knew her, she has always checked on me unlike other people that are only after their selfish interest.
I will suggest that she works on her publicity, I mean she’s good at counseling and many people should enjoy her service.
Many people are going through a lot of hassles in their relationship, and marriage but they don’t have who to give them counsel, if she can do work on that ….. I will be glad.


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