Jane and Peace who are best friends  and newly married. Had met a couple of times, and in every conversation. They are surprised to realize that they are both married to men who desire sex ‘all the time.’

‘I literally have to go into the guest room to get dressed and even shower or he grabs me.’ Jane exclaims.

With a repeated nod, Peace laughs. ‘Oh you too? He’s returning home and hoping that we would make love. And he’s shocked when I refuse him.’

Wanting sex has been synonymous to being a man. But the truth is many wives lack adequate understanding of how their husbands are wired and how he thinks.

Why do husbands love to have REGULAR sex with their wives?

  • This may not apply to all men but men are wired to naturally desire sex.

    They hunger for sex and wants to be filled and satisfied.

    Biologically, the male folks have huge amounts of hormone called the testosterone running through their bodies.

    Motivating them towards sexual expression.

    Wives may not understand the ways by which their husband’s chemistry directs him mind psychologically towards the sexual.

  • It is the language many men understand to use in expressing their tender loving vulnerable side.

    Sex is connection to the average man, and sexual connection is mostly needed by him to feel safe enough for emotional vulnerability. Which is what most wives secretly crave in their husbands, too. Emotional Vulnerability!

    For your husband, turning you on may be he most satisfying part of making love to you.

    And so he is naturally shocked when you do not understand this

  • SEX is HOME-COMING for most husbands. Men are much more emotional that they have been portrayed.

    They hurt, they have struggled and life challenges that also beat them up daily.

    Sex encompasses care, love which gives to them soothing and support.

    While you think he merely wants to cum all the time, he is craving something deeper than physical pleasure. And that is home coming, where he is accepted and loved.


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