I love wearing 👠 heels, until a few years ago I never owned a single flats.

I am a shoe woman and it’s heels, as high as I can walk in sometimes.

Have you realized how that when a Lion roars, it’s as if they have a microphone hidden somewhere in their throats?

So it is when a mature cow moos or a huge ram bleats.

I don’t like animals as pets, I can admire them from a distance though and be like ‘aww, they are so cute.’

I am the reason my kids don’t own a dog, so they console themselves by finding snails, giving them names and refusing these snails go their way.

You don’t know where I am going with this? Don’t worry, read on. It’s because the story I am about to tell is a bit, no, a lot embarrassing.  Hence the delay!

Last year, a neighbor got a ram, he was going to send to his parents. He tied it down and would feed it everyday.

I and family attended a party, it was fun. Everyone excited, the excitement wasn’t going to end after the party ended so we decided that evening to still go have a bit if fun before retiring home.

We were going to pick something quickly at home and I volunteered to go get it while everybody waited in the car outside the gate.

Not knowing that a ram had untied itself and was standing by our gate. I stepped on, in my heels, walking like the queen that I am. If you know me, I love to shako, I waka well.

Unbeknownst to me, this yeye big ram sighted me and thought it wise to come say welcome. Chineke of umunwanyi!!

I didn’t know there was anything with me in the compound. It made the bleat sound, I looked back and saw it running towards me. I panicked, ram? From where, bikonu?

I ran for dear life, have I told you friends that I used to sprint as a little girl?  Well that night, Usain Bolt had nothing on me, because that long lost talent came back and my pair of heels flew all in their own direction, everyone for himself o jare.

One ‘heely’ 👠 cannot come and slow me down.

I wasn’t quiet o, nah, I screamed, “Help… help.” Have I told you again, that I have a very loud voice naturally?

See when we panic, we lose all sense of reasoning. Didn’t give myself the time to think, I’m a deep thinker, no be for here.

I didn’t remember that it was in the evening and that I live in a quiet neighborhood, damn that sh*t, a huge Salah ram was after me. It has horns and hoofs was all I thought.

I don’t know how I ran round and returned to the gate, opened it quickly, stepped outside bare footed.

And then pretended all was well cause of my kids. One look at me, my Bobo knew this woman is at it again. He walked closer and I was like “Babe, the ram is after me.”

Good man, he didn’t laugh at me, like you are doing right now. He followed me and said, “Which ram? What ram?”

We went back into the compound and the ram did come to say hello to him too, he pulled me behind him and stood firmly in front with a punch ready fist. The ram wasn’t trying to attack anyone and I gave myself undue exercise on top nothing.

Well long story short, since the ram didn’t really come to attack me or anyone. My husband told me to go pick the stuffs we came home for while he looked for my traitor heels 👠.

Now, this only shows how human beings respond to what they perceive and not what is factual and real. We respond to our beliefs and not really what is true.

A woman who does not believe she’s lovable for whatever reason will always suspects every act of kindness towards her. I used to wonder why a friend of mine do not believe an act of kindness towards her can be without ulterior motives until I realized she didn’t think anyone can love her.

She does not even believe she is beautiful, and so if you tell her the truth because she is actually beautiful. She will brush it off.

How many times have you judged your spouse by your fears? For example? By your beliefs?  Or your perception??  You tell yourself words like, ‘He/ she is going to do this, it’s the way men/women do, so let me be prepared.’

You have not had a heart to heart talk and truly find out what’s going on with them. Or what they think, you make your own conclusions and start acting up.

You interpretation of their actions, your perception of them or what they did may not be real not true.

You may be disturbing your beautiful life when there is nothing to actually be worrying about. Sometimes, you only need to wait, ask, talk before you make your conclusions. Make life a lot easier and save yourself some heartache.


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.