December 2018, I got sick and had to see the Doctor.

While running a few tests, they brought the scale and I weighed in.

Shocking, the scale counted about 6kg more than my usual weight

What?! I screamed, got down and went back on the scale. Alas it was the same.

I had gained weight.

It was not that I didn’t feel it before that day’s event, I actually did.

When a high-waist denim pants starts to mildly become low-waist.

When pants that required belts don’t need belts to stay on your waist. Of course you know that you are adding the pounds.

I only didn’t realize that it was that much.

See, it is different when the numbers are to be counted. It is different when numbers are to be measured

When the tapes are rolled round your body and a few more inches seem to be counted. Numbers are wicked!

Oh well it was the holidays, I told myself. I wouldn’t allow this spoil the seasons and celebrations for me and my family. And so I tried to put it behind me.

January came and the pounds had to go. What would I need to do?

Make changes, yes. Turn a new leaf if I wanted better.

In a MARRIAGE relationship.

Daily, deliberately compare how much you do criticize your partner’s actions and inactions to how many times you do appreciate them.

Try put that side by side.

Do this daily, but start the exercise today and see what the results are.

See, being critical and judgmental is a habit easily formed. You may not truly see how bad it is until you do the numbers.

Get a scale, get a measuring tape and do the math today.

Once you allow one little criticism in your heart and then out of your mouth spewed at your partner.

That tiny bit will demand another of its kind to survive.

Criticisms needs to feed on more and so you continue to give it what it’s demanding.

Have you ever had a very judgmental and critical boss? Have you?

How they just search for more mistakes, faults, one more thing to snap about?

How they clutter up their whole life’s encounters with what’s it and what’s not that they do need to criticize? It is difficult to be around them.

So is being critical and judgmental as a spouse.

Now, what is the solution? How do you get out of this mode and habit?


Make changes.

Push yourself, open your mind, and open your eyes to seeing the good in yourself, first. Count the good things you do daily, because there are. Tap yourself on the back for these good deeds, you are awesome in many ways than one. Celebrate yourself.

Then do the same with people, with your spouse.

Then start to verbally appreciate it. Pay them genuine compliment.

Before long, the other (Mr. Critical) dies of starvation. And you ultimately become what you do.

And you become sexier, a lot more attractive to your spouse. They begin to desire you and your presence.

You build better emotional connection. Deep emotional connection has been known to solve a whole lot of marriage issues. And there you are.


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.