Who am I?

Meet The Catalyst

Ijeoma Justina Popoola is a writer and a minister of the word.

Her love for Marriage as an institution ordained by God is second to none, hence her passion to teach and admonish singles and couples on the blessings associated with Marriage.

A firm believer in love, She has different write-ups (fiction and nonfiction) spanning 20 years.

Her teachings aim at strengthening the bonds of marriage, and family. Helping ailing Marriages receive the help, and healing needed.

She believes there is always a way to make a bad marriage better.

She helps willing couples maintain a good and successful marriage, where both partners are happy,  enjoying their union.

Ijeoma believes in a world…

  • Where marriage works,

  • Where couples know and fulfill each others need,

  • Where divorce is on the minimal,

  • Where the millennium woman has it all: Successful Marriage, a loving and supportive Husband, Family and work.

  • Where a happy marriage produces happy and well behaved children.

She teaches US to open our eyes to the fact that there is a better way of doing things and they ain’t so difficult. Quite doable!


Do you need a professional Family Life or Marriage Counselor for any of your events or engagements? Then talk to The Catalyst! For competence, professionalism and in-depth analysis on marital and sexual issues, there’s no better person to talk to than Ijeoma. Also, If you need help on mental Health Counseling issues, search no further….

From International conferences to youth seminars, public debate, couples dinners, religious gathering, government establishments and corporate trainings and dinner, Ijeoma has helped individuals and organizations break the deafening silence on intimacy and mental health issues, that has been making them redundant, unhappy and unproductive for years.

If you are willing to add value and break away from the norms, The Catalyst will be willing to be your speaker in your next event.

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